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B2B Marketing

Currently around 72% of people who search for a B2B companies starts organically on search engine such as like Google or Bing. Thus, you have to do way more to be able to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Only 50% of B2B companies have properly optimized their website and even less than 50% have well documented content marketing strategy. The stats clearly shows that the digital marketing is the way to go, for instance B2B companies that blogged around 10 times per month received 5x more leads than the ones who do not. From developing an essential marketing strategy to creating blog and managing your social media accounts, we are able to help you to grow your business, while increasing the conversion rates.

The process contains of several steps:

  1. Increase search visibility.

  2. Social presence is an essence.

  3. It is important to have quality content.

  4. At the end of the day it is all about the client, thus it is important to engage with your audience.

  5. Use CTA (call-to-action) methods to turn leads to a conversions.

E-commerce Marketing

When we talk about the e-commerce it is important to show the world what your brand is and what do you stand for. The numbers show that more than 50 % people prefer to shop online and that the average person spends about 4-6 hours of their week checking promotions and special campaigns for particular products. It is time for you to bring your brand products in front of your target audience with digital marketing tools and strategies. This also counts for brick and mortar businesses, it is great to be able to display your products to local people and at the same time to be able to sell in multiple locations to the right customers.

Tools for this are clear:

  1. Leverage the attention - automate your weekly newsletters, while upselling your clients.

  2. Word of mouth - extremely effective and important part of digital marketing, when you leverage the influencers to market your products to a loyal group of followers.

  3. Drive the traffic to your website - you can market online in the places where you have hot potential customers and direct them to your website.

  4. Data is everything - it is extremely important to track your results, therefore use the traffic tracking tools to see the ROI (return on investment) on lead generations and conversion rates in order to foresee the following month budget.

Wellness and Healthcare Marketing

Wellness and healthcare traditionally speaking happens between a professional and the client, one on one meeting. Nonetheless, the marketing strategy itself does not necessarily rely only on referrals from the past clients. Now it is the best time to advance and make your digital marketing strategy to work on a bigger scale. More than 75% of customers will seek for wellness or healthcare services through social media or various search engines. Therefore, it is time to create that tempting campaign on social media for potential new clients and collect their email. It is also the best time to work on your website SEO (search engine optimization) to attract more organic traffic. In addition to that, it is important to use effective strategy to optimize your conversions for PPC (pay per click).

Clients like to be in control while choosing the services, thus help them to find you and make up a decision on choosing you.

If you choose to advance your digital marketing strategy we predict that it will increase patient satisfaction, lower the cost to acquire a client, it will increase the volume of the clients, clients retentions and in general you will receive more qualified leads on regular basis.

Process to success is simple:

  1. We will get to know your potential competitors and will assess the reasonable goals.

  2. Constant communication and strategic actions assessment is a must, while executing the campaigns.

  3. Adjustments and optimization on regular basis will be made along the way, in order to find the perfect combination between campaigns, the budget and the results.

Sports Marketing

Martial arts, fitness, gymnastics, football, basketball - you name it, we love it all. In addition to that we are also great at it! We are always happy to contribute for athletes growth. Therefore, it is important to understand, that simply with a strong digital marketing strategy, you are able to stand out from the huge competition you are facing. The benefits are clear - more leads increase more memberships.

The process is this:

  1. Increase brand awareness.

  2. Quality leads drives higher efficiency.

  3. Strategy will help you to keep in touch with your members.

  4. It will also retain members more effectively.

  5. It will increase loyalty among the members.

  6. Members will feel comfortable and more valued by you.

  7. From personalization of your brand and knowledge which you hold we will create the most admirable asset company can offer to the client - long lasting value with a memorable positive emotions.