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We Help Businesses Of Different Industries By Implementing Branding Solutions That Last A Lifetime.

Why Branding is so Crucial?

The harsh truth is that most businesses do not consider branding as important, which leads to a low recognition and brand awareness. Nonetheless, it is possible to turn such mindset around.

Just imagine meeting your client, you strive to be distinct and memorable in order to stand out from your competitors. Thus, this is the same just for your brand. Clients come across to your advertising, clicks on it and goes to your website. What comes next is 3 second interaction with your brand, that will build further opinion about your services.

Therefore, your logo, images, message that you are putting in front of your potential client matters the same way as the meeting with your client.

So, keep in mind that in the short term you may win a client or two and do well for your business. However, if you really want to leave a long lasting impact in your market and compete with big companies, you may want to start being consistent on your branding.

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Our branding services system

Learn About Your Business

The very first stage is to find out as much as possible about your business. That would be your target audience, competition, vision and aspirations that would illustrate examples of any existing brands that you potentially like.

Initial Branding Drafts

Further on the next stage would be bringing your branding project to life. Thus, amount of steps in this stage may vary depending on how broad or narrow we want to execute on your branding. From logo, to branding guidelines and brand story we would need to determine which steps are the most crucial and shall be developed first. Finally, when we are determined on what to concentrate first, then the initial drafts will be prepared.

Editing Process

At this stage we have materials to work with and discuss which way we want to go. Moreover, we allow two rounds of review in order to adjust project draft so that it would fit your vision the most. So, at the end of this stage we are ready to go ahead execution.

Execution Process

At this stage everything that we were working for comes into fruition as a solid brand project. Thus, the final files of a project will be sent to you and your team.

Branding services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding in simple words is who you are. Some of the examples where brand connects with clients:

  • Colors and it psychology
  • Font style 
  • Tagline 
  • Logo design 
  • Website design
  • Packaging of a product
  • & More 

By all means, yes.

Nonetheless, you may benefit from marketing agency experience and project execution capacity which makes it hassle free process.

With our branding services you gain access to our experts who are dedicated to help your brand and most importantly are doing this on daily basis. 

No, you do not need to provide your content. Our designers team can prepare relevant content for your branding needs.

Nonetheless, if you have an original content that may resonate with brand that we are building then it is surely welcomed.

If you are ready to go ahead with our services, please contact us at support@sundayvalue.ca. This way we will be able to determine what steps need to be taken in order to begin with your branding services project. However, on average 2 to 4 weeks could be the case.

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