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We Help Businesses Of Different Industries By Implementing Latest Content Marketing Strategies.

great content is good for Google ranking

It is well known that providing value to a client brings the most benefit to a company. So it is with a well rounded content. Google algorithm will be fond of your content if it is well written and provides deep insights about certain topic. Thus, it is reasonable to exchange a great content for a higher traffic to your site that may lead to conversion.

Spark an unforgettable memory through value proposition

If people cannot remember you, then your brand does not fully exist. Nonetheless, with a high quality content such as blog posts we can turn this status quo around. Chances are that with quality content you will be able to rank among top 3 results on Google and once you are there the attention is guaranteed. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to leave your brand print in people’s memories.

With organic traffic comes sales

Today in digital arena customers are quite proactive and may be the first ones to take an action to find you. Thus, there are two options, either a client already knows your brand or tries to find a brand that would fulfill the need. So, naturally your company shall seek to be in front of such person at the right time and place like Google search network.

Therefore, our content creation team can help you identify what exact content is needed to help you rank and bring value to your target audience. If we combine these two, it eventually becomes a very powerful tool to drive sales for your business.

Seek for a long term strategy

It is crucial to understand what compound benefits a long term content marketing strategy can bring. Generally speaking website traffic, brand awareness and sales can increase several times if your business continues creating valuable content. Moreover, it is safe to say that benefits are similar to Search Engine Optimization  where you do not need to dedicate massive budget, but in the long run it brings substantial results.

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Our Content Marketing process

Develop a Clear Advertising Strategy

Before you begin with content preparation, it is necessary to determine a clear and concise content marketing strategy plan. This shall include the actual funnel which shows how the cold traffic converts to a warm user and reach conversion stage. Therefore, the account manager will spend time to prepare and finalize the content marketing strategy.

Create Valuable Content

Next step in content marketing is preparation of topics, structure, headlines, text and images. In addition to that, we test several creatives in order to see which one would resonate the best to the topic.

Monitoring & Reporting

The monitoring system takes place on weekly basis, since it is important to determine how any people come across to our content. In addition to that, we can determine what type of content is the most beneficial and popular, so that we could double down on ones to get the highest results. Ultimately, we would reflect such performance in numbers and prepare a report to assess content marketing strategy progress.

Content Marketing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The main indicators for the content marketing performance that we look at are website traffic and conversions. Therefore, we can assess how many people visited your website and converted based on the prepared content.

Ultimately, it comes down to the amount, quality of content and how much time passed from posting it. This means that a traffic and conversions may be high, if a content has been around for quite some time and had enough time to be optimized on search engines.

No, you do not need to provide your assets. Our designers team can prepare relevant assets for your content. Nonetheless, if you have an original assets that resonates with your services or product we would be able to use it for content marketing posts.

Yes. Especially, when company wants to increase their brand awareness and authority. Also, majority of companies turn to content marketing to increase their revenue. Thus, with well defined funnel and content strategy you can expect return on investment.

If you are ready to go ahead with our services, please contact us at support@sundayvalue.ca. This way we will be able to determine what steps need to be taken in order to launch your first posts. However, on average 2 to 4 weeks could be the case.

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