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We Help Businesses Of Different Industries By Implementing Latest Social Media Advertising Campaigns.

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Our social media advertising process

Assign An Account Manager

With advertising manager in place we will be able to decrease ad costs and increase campaign results. Our expert team will learn more about your business, marketing objectives and target audience. In addition to that, account manager will implement advertising strategy and run ad campaigns accordingly.

Develop a Clear Advertising Strategy

Before you begin with your ads campaign, it is a must to determine a clear and concise social media advertising strategy. This shall include the actual advertising funnel which shows how the cold traffic converts to a warm user and reach conversion stage. Therefore, the account manager will spend time to prepare and finalize the clear advertising strategy.

Create Engaging Advertisements

Next stage in social media advertising is preparation of copy, headlines, and develop images for specific ad campaign. In addition to that, we test several creatives in order to see which one will bring the best results.

Ads Monitoring & Optimization

There is always that one ad which does not really perform as well as we would like. Therefore, our expert team will track, identify and avoid low-performing ads. Moreover, this monitoring system takes place on daily basis. In addition to that, after the learning stage is over and we can determine which ads are performing the best, we would double down on ones to get the highest results.

Reporting & Communication

The only thing that makes us to understand our progress are numbers that show our performance. Therefore, our expert team will prepare monthly reports for you to review. Thus, in order to see such results we would need to install conversion tracking system to your website, so that we could see exact number of conversions led by our advertising campaign.

Social Media Advertising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The main indicators for the social media advertising performance that we look at are website traffic and conversions. Therefore, we can assess how many people visited your website and converted into the specific result.


Ultimately, it comes down to your dedicated monthly budget for your advertising. This means that a traffic and conversions may be high, if a budget for your campaigns is optimal.

In addition to that, over the time with certain campaign optimization elements conversion rate may increase while spending the same or even lower amount.

No, you do not need to provide your content. Our designers team can prepare relevant content for your ads. Nonetheless, if you have an original content that resonates with your services or product we would be able to use it for ads campaign.

Yes. Majority of companies turn to social media advertising to increase their revenue. Thus, with well defined sales funnel and advertising strategy you can expect return on investment.

Yes. Before we dive into advertising campaigns we would need to make sure that a tracking system is in place, landing page is optimized to receive traffic and social media advertising account is set up and ready to go.

If you are ready to go ahead with our services, please contact us at support@sundayvalue.ca. This way we will be able to determine what steps need to be taken in order to launch your first campaigns. However, on average 2 to 4 weeks could be the case.

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