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E-commerce Digital Marketing Provides Substantial Increase in Number of Leads. We Specialize in Optimized Marketing Campaigns for E-commerce Stores. 

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Well Developed Campaigns for optimized growth

E-commerce store design

As an e-commerce business owner you understand that clients often times are choosing products based on first impression and how easily can navigate your store. Therefore, easy to use user experience and good looking web design is the key for your e-commerce.
Sunday Value is capable of creating professional e-commerce store for any type of industry and product. Whether it socks, ping pong tables or even cars, we can help you with either.
Thus, our team will present a plan for your store design and structure which shall be aligned with marketing strategy that will be determined before hand.

PPC for e-commerce

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is by far the fastest way for e-commerce to drive sales. Although it is quite complex Sunday Value makes it hassle free process.
So, in order to succeed there must be at least 4 steps. Firstly, plan e-commerce marketing strategy. Secondly, identify and choose relevant platform and campaign type. Thirdly, optimize landing page of your product. Fourthly, prepare specific ad campaign. Lastly, the bonus step, track performance, make adjustments and repeat the process.
In conclusion, if you follow these simple steps the results will be guaranteed especially in the long run.

e-commerce SEO services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or otherwise known as organic reach is the best choice for a long term investment for a steady traffic of customers.
Thus, Sunday Value is able to provide such competitive edge to any e-commerce store regardless of the product type or target audience. So, if you choose this type of services you will notice that your store will rank high on Google search engine for specific keywords, which means that clients can more easily to find your e-commerce store and products that you offer.
In addition, this can be made for both new and already existing stores.

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services that we provide

for an e-commerce store

E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

- Hyper Targeted Keyword Research
- Off Page & On Page SEO
- Outbound & Inbound Link Building
- Local SEO Development
- Technical SEO
- Social SEO Optimization

Paid advertising for e-commerce

- Optimized Landing Pages for Target Audience
- Keyword Research
- Ad Copies & CTAs
- Advanced Targeting
- Retargeting & Display Ads Campaigns
- Bid Management & Strategy

e-commerce web design & Optimization

- Designs for Website & Landing Pages
- Website Development
- Customized Contact Forms
- Display Ads Design
- Customization of the Existing Website
- Mobile Friendly Design with Fast Loading Time

Social Media Management and marketing

- Social Media Profiles Creation or Update
- New Lead Magnets
- Target Audience Development
- Posting That Resonates with Brand Awareness
- Engagement Campaigns
- Influencer Marketing

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e-commerce FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The SEO process for an e-commerce store can take anywhere from 3 months to more than 12 months.

However, factors for the timeline are various, for example your store status, content materials, store overall authority.

Yes, very much so.

Organic traffic for your business is just one example. In addition to that, ranking high on search engines provides your e-commerce brand credibility and trustworthiness for your clients. 

Will it takes time? Definitely.
Is it worth it? 100% yes!

It is important to optimize your e-commerce store based on the best local practices and create a local content that would serve people in specific area. For instance, local blog posts, city or neighborhood pages. Moreover, all local listings and backlinking is very important as well.

The biggest advantage that we offer is the professionals who in the past has been working in the e-commerce area and transitioned to digital marketing. 

Therefore, this unique feature of our company helps us to understand your e-commerce needs, seeing it from ex practitioner eyes and understanding what your potential clients are looking for.

So, this way we build a bridge between e-commerce and marketing which leads to an optimal performance in the industry. 

Once your store has a high ranking on search engines and starts getting attention, we measure the traffic and then conversion rates.

So, this way we can see the return on investment for that particular keyword phrase.

All reports are provided first week of the month, which outline the tasks that has been completed and indicate progress that has been made. 

Alternatively, Sunday Value provides an opportunity to receive reports bi-weekly at the beginning stage of services for the first 3 months, if requested by client.

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