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digital Marketing Strategy & development

Firstly, our services are designed to seek to identify opportunities and the skills to transfer them into a powerful digital strategy.

For instance if your are looking for more sales or boost brand recognition, we are ready to deliver a great impact for your business.

Web design & optimization

Secondly, creativity is exactly what is driving us to combine it with latest technologies that can create stunning and functional eCommerce shops or service based business websites.

Therefore, it will provide the best customer experience across all channels desktop and mobile. In other words, responsive website is our guarantee.

Marketing services & consultation

Thirdly, Sunday Value is ready to integrate your marketing campaigns that would reach the right target audience.

For example, original content, top website rankings, targeted email campaigns, these are just several things that will give you the competitive edge over your competitors.


More details about services and how it can help to grow your business.

This particular service will help you to grow brand awareness, website traffic, and manage relationships with current and potential clients.

Firstly, you need the constant audience which would be interested in what you do, this stands for followers who fits the focused group you are targeting. Secondly, when you have followers, then you have to deliver a clear message to them and keep them engaged.

Therefore, the best type of engagement is when you entertain, inform or provide other valuable information. This leads to a cycle and additional actions that will create more traffic to your website which would convert to sales.


This particular service when well-targeted and prepared can bring a great number of quality results. Social media ads on average can help to reach 500 to 1000 people audience for a very affordable price of 10$ to 20$ depending on what industry you are in.

Currently it is the best time to use social media advertising because it is at least 3 times less costly than traditional media. Also, do not forget that with the tools provided today we can target the exact people in a specific location, age group, income levels, hobbies they like and so much more. It is also possible to run ads to your provided email database or add retargeting pixels to your website and advertise to recent website visitors.

In addition to that, the very low 2-3% rate converts into sales after the first visit, therefore this is an extremely powerful method to implement into your digital marketing strategy plan.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important things for the company to have in order to reach clients organically and stand higher in search engine rankings.

Sunday Value is using the latest tools, trends, and strategies in order to help you move up in the search engines for the right keywords. This undoubtedly affects the quality website traffic, since people from around the world or specific locations are looking for that go-to service or product you can offer.

Therefore, when such search is made we make sure that your website shows in a particular search setting.


PPC (pay per click) is the process of advertising your business through search engines.

Sunday Value will help your company to appear at the top of the search engine and generate a high conversion rate of such traffic. In general search engines are huge, every day there are several billion searches.

Thus, this type of service is a fast way to attract new leads to your business and convert them to a high paying clients. However, the most important thing is that the cost per conversion is not higher than the value of your customer.


Every single business is aware that your website is the main place where the beginning or final actions are taken. Therefore, Sunday Value can create or optimize your website that it would help you generate as many conversions as possible.

For example, the main components for such a task is a user-friendly website with a responsive theme and attractive design. An extremely high percentage of users, more than 85%, say that the design is the reason to trust or reject the website. Simply, the website helps to build credibility with a potential client and your business.

Moreover, it is extremely important to remember that most people are using their phones to surf the internet, so the website must be mobile-friendly as well, which means, load up quickly, fit perfectly into the screen and much more.


Many companies are not optimizing their current client email list. There are many things you can do with the current email list and even more to do in order to receive more emails from potential clients.

Thus, Sunday Value can help you to automate and ensure the sales cycle. This basically means to move your prospect from one stage of sales funnel to another one, which would motivate people to buy your services or products. You already used your time and financial resources to get those emails, thus now it is time to utilize them.

A well developed specific strategy for your business is mandatory. Sunday Value determines who will be the best audience to focus on, then prepare the content elements, which would be relevant to the audience, after that the timing of such campaign is key. Thus, it will be take care by us. 

In addition to that, various methods such as lead magnets, call to action elements, email newsletters, and certain advertising campaigns shall be used and implemented. The most importantly, we will keep you up to date with the progress.


With content marketing, we are able to increase website traffic from other online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, search engines, etc.

For instance, our content marketing services consist of content writing, editing, publishing to your website and content strategy development. So content is essential, it helps to bond with your clients and create value for them.

In addition to that, website that creates regular content receives at least 5 times more traffic than the ones who do not. It is also extremely cost-efficient.


If you want to dominate the industry, stick around for a long time or even create a legacy, then you need to build a unique brand.

This is where Sunday Value can help to create your unique brand story, which speaks the language of your focus audience. We will help you to build the story from scratch, maintain it along the way and successfully tell it to the right people through the digital marketing plan.

For this reason, why not make your business attractive, original, and tell your story to every potential client that you engage with?


So you have an extremely great in-house marketing team and you only need advice on some aspects. Not a problem, we are willing to help.

Reach out, tell us what you need, so that we could assess how we are able to help.

This way Sunday Value will be able to provide a clear information or strategy for your marketing team on how to proceed with a specific project or marketing objective.