Marketing management – practical and efficient ways to save money

Short, sharp and clear, we present list of ways to make your marketing management more practical and cost efficient.

1. Make Outsourcing Part Of Your Company Culture

Yes you heard that before and you know how to execute. Nonetheless, we would like to take different approach. It is extremely important to understand that not only local employees can overtake daily marketing tasks, but people from freelancing platforms can do it even better for a fraction of price.

Thus, if you have limited budget this approach works just fine for smaller and medium size companies to manage technical tasks, like posting content on social media, or managing specific campaign. The moment you start using such platforms like Upwork or Freelancer you will have leverage on time and expenses.

It is important to understand that it works great when you are beginner in business and need to reduce specific small tasks from your own shoulders.

On the other hand, later on when you have a solid budget, we would highly recommend to use digital marketing company, in order to achieve the optimal results on campaigns and return on investment.

Organized work, experience in particular industry, time tested methods and blueprints makes it highly attractive option to choose for companies with solid budget.

2. The Most Efficient Methods

Just like when you choosing the main social media platforms in respect to the target audience you are focusing, it is equally important to identify the tools and methods related to those social media platforms or search engines.

When you know where your potential clients hanging out, then you just need to use relevant tools for that particular place.

For instance, moms are hanging out on Pinterest, high school kids on Tik Tok, young adults on Instagram and the list goes on. You can literally use the first advice mentioned above, find a freelancer, who would do the market research for you and gather the possible tools for particular platform.

Your task would be then prioritize tools and spend 80 % time on the 20 % most important tools and spend the rest 20 % time on marketing strategy development. Oh and also, do not forget to test, test, test, then pick what works specifically for your company and drop unnecessary ones.

Otherwise if you won’t follow this rule, you might drown in the ocean of tools and methods.

3. Do It Yourself Approach

Once again if you are starting out, it is okay to get your hands dirty, especially if you want to bring some value and entertainment to your clients.

Need some content for your social media campaigns, find a beginner photographer, ask for several hours window to get some quality pictures or even videos. After that it is on you how to use it and put it in the container, quotes, short stories, memes try it all and see which type reaches your target audience the most.

On the other hand, if you have a budget, think bigger, more like long term. Tell your audience a story, touching, truthful and interesting. People love good stories and it is easier to sell when they have emotional connection with your company. On this level good pictures, videos and descriptions are not enough.

You need something special to create and along the way, understand how to maintain it. When you will get clear on that, trust us, it will become extremely efficient what to do and how to do it.

4. Always Try What Is Free Or Within Your Budget Range

Email marketing could be one of the examples. You work really hard to get those client emails, therefore you better do not spam them and send relevant content only.

One company which we just love in respect of marketing campaigns is Filippo Loreti e-commerce luxury watch shop. Those guys had email marketing figured out.

Also, try different social media managing apps, some of them, just to put in the perspective, works as a distribution channel, which means that with one app you can organize several accounts on different platforms, instant example could be Hootsuite.

Trust us, it will make your life so much easier, to schedule and organize work. Another example could be Facebook ads, go launch your first ad campaign, we are sure that you can sufficiently test if the ad brings you results for less than 20 $ over the three days.

5. Social Media Influencers

This one is arguable, we agree… It very depends how you approach, when you approach, for what reason you approach the influencer. Depending on your campaign, budget and expectations influencers can be very expensive, quite cheap or even free. It depends how you wanna play it.

Nevertheless, no matter what you think or on what level you are at, it is definitely important to look into. Best way is to be straightforward and clear what do you need or expect.

Well you might take a hit or two, but after that you will be aware of what is happening in your industries’ influencers world.

6. Referrals, Referrals

After you provide some high quality value to your audience, it is time to ask for a favor. No, not to buy your product or service once more, instead, try to ask them to refer you to their friends.

The variations of how to do it is limitless, starting with email campaigns and ending with social media posts where you ask to tag your three friends.

There is no other better way to convince a person to trust your product or service when it comes from your good friend.

7. Classic Advertising

Once more it can be arguable, however bottom line, if you are a small or medium size business, do not even look to the TV, radio or similar type of advertisement.

Three words – irrelevant and costly. Instead, if you are willing to spend so much money on that type of marketing, please, please, please, better try Facebook ads and go all in with the same budget.

Make sure you hire someone who knows how to do it though. If you have these components, sit back, relax and you better be ready for clients flow.


We are not reinventing the wheel, we just know how to use tools and methods better.

Thus, the same recommendation we are preaching to you. Digital marketing works, saves you money, time, grow your business.

Just remember to recognize where are you at now, which other milestone are you trying to reach and what tools you should use in that particular playground at that particular time.

If you read this post – great respect, love you all, looking forward to seeing you again here! You have a good day.

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