What is Pay Per Click and what alternatives we have?

What Is Pay Per Click?

At the beginning era of the Internet there was a very low level of understanding about paid advertisement. It was extremely undervalued, meaning that the most commonly used keywords cost only cents and it was less competitive to target your focus audience.

Therefore, paid advertisement evolved and became more popular between companies, which bring more competition and increased keywords rates, especially on Google platform.

Pay per click model means that you as a advertiser must pay a certain fee each time one of your ads is clicked. If you would ask why on Earth you would do that in the first place, the answer is simple – more attraction and sales for your business.

In other words, you use pay per click service targeting to reach your focus audience, which basically helps you to be in front of the relevant people who would visit your website or buy from you. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it, however in order to make it work you need to know how to do it properly.

Several Platforms For An Effective Pay Per Click Management

Google AdWords is the main and the most popular platform to use pay per click advertising. Mainly it uses the bidding system on certain keywords and each time the search is initiated Google will pick certain winners to put ads in front of initiators.

There are several factors which includes relevance, quality of keywords and size of the bid of course. Another very similar type of platform uses pay per click services is Bing, there are substantially less searches initiated, but it is more focused group of people who are using Bing’s search engine and it can be less costly than Google advertising.

On the contrary to keywords type of advertising is Facebook ads. The idea behind it is similar, meaning that you have to pay for certain ad to be shown in the newsfeed and clicked by certain users.

It is more proactive advertisement, which basically means, that you have more factors to target the audience starting with certain interest areas and finishing with behaviors, age or even education.


Thus, this brief pay per click approach intends to show you that you can have several option, when initiating pay per click. Starting with a platform, ending with options provided by each platform to target certain group of people.

It is also important that Google ads are well established, but have a great competition within the platform comparing with Bing and Facebook ads.

Question is whether you will use the competitive leverage of Facebook and Bing platforms in order to reach relevant people for a lower ad price? Or you will use well rounded and established Google AdWords school?

The choice is yours and remember that either option can work as long as you know how to do it properly.

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